Coco Dry
Coco Dry

Coco Dry

COCONUT fiber litter for modern zootechnics

Keep your animals always dry

COCO DRY® is a revolutionary litter that is composed solely of plant material derived from processing the coconut palm tree for food use. The manufacturing process in based on the separation of filamentary fractions from the coconut shell which are then subsequently dedusted to maximize the absorbent capacities. No other organic materials (e.g. peat) are added and the entire procedure undergoes strict controls to make sure it is pest-free. The advantages derived from the usage of COCO DRY®, as an alternative to traditional litters, are apparent in any type of breeding farm. Owing to the exceptionally high capacity to absorb liquids (up to 8-9 times in weight), the litter always stays soft and perfectly dry, creating ideal conditions for animals. Furthermore, compared to conventionally used materials, it reduces bad odors and the use of labor. The product is easy to spread and allows for even layers to be created very quickly. The litter is also easier to maintain. Solid excrement remains well separated and is easily removed.

COCO DRY® is a product that has been studied to improve breeding farm production performances. Its formula is created by adding a percentage of soft filamentary fiber to fine coconut pith, obtaining a mixture with exceptional absorbent capacity, several times greater than that of straw or chips. The applicative effect is the creation of dry layers which improve animal well-being both directly and indirectly, reducing ammonium emissions and improving the quality of breathed air. Use of the product significantly reduces the quantity of manure produced and costs of managing the breeding farm.


Poultry farms:

  • It can be used in all climates;
  • Can be used in brief cycles (25-40 days) and longer (> 150 days);
  • Contains no pathogens (Salmonella spp. - E. coli, etc.);
  • Recourse to antibiotics is diminished;
  • Reduces plantar problems;
  • It is not inhaled and is not tempting to eat.

Cattle farms:

  • Increases the general cleanliness of the animal;
  • Reduces incidence of mastitis and dermatitis;
  • The presence of flies diminishes;
  • Reduces the presence of parasites on the tail;
  • Improves milk production;
  • Increases the quantity of somatic cells in milk;
  • Reduces the volume of manure produced;
  • Reduces management and labor costs.

Equestrian centers and stables

  • Increases animal cleanliness;
  • Reduces the presence of flies;
  • Will not stain white coats;
  • Is not inhaled by respiration;
  • Creates a springy anti-fatigue layer for tendons;
  • Compacts well under hooves;
  • Reduces the incidence of foot pathologies;
  • Reduces management and labor costs.


Technical and logistic data

ParameterProduct commpressed in BricksGround product in Big Bags
Dimensions of Brick/Big Bag 30 x10 x15 cm (+/- 10%) 2,0 m3 (UNI-EN12580:2012)
Weight of Brick/Big Bag 4,8-5,2 kg (avg. weight 5,0 kg) 365-440 kg (*)
Umidity 10-20% (indicative value) 10-20% (indicative value)
Packaging 240 bricks/pallet 80 x 120 cm wrapped with stretch wrap and strap 2,0 m3 Big Bags on 80 x 120cm pallets
n° pallet/container (40” H.C.) / Truck 20-22 22-24
n° bricks/container (40” H.C.) 4.800 -
Net weight of container (40” H.C.) 24 t 8-12 t (*)
Bulk density (compressed product) 1,10 kg/l  
Bulk densisty (dry ground product) 0,18-0,22 kg/l 0,18-0,22 kg/l
Container (40” H.C.)/truck yield (dry ground product) 109 - 126 m3 44 - 48 m3
Adsorbing capacity 900% (indicative value)
Duration example 20 adult bovines, raised in a 30 m2 surface area, consume 2.4 q of COCO DRY® in 20 days
(*) The product can be dampened – the value depends on the dampness.


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