Sieving the reconditioned product

Before determining the commercial volume of all Nuova Flesan products, whether cultivation media or peat, it is necessary to operate as follows.

The external packaging must be entirely removed from the pressed product, whether contained in large bales, small bales, or bags.

Then, the product must be poured to the ground and loosened using mechanical tools (e.g. a shovel).

A 200-litre portion shall be collected from the mass thus obtained; sub-samples collected from this portion shall be used to determine the water content.

Once the water content is known, water shall be added to this portion in the amount needed to bring the water content back to the approximate value of 45%, using a water sprayer and homogenising the product manually.

The product must be left to absorb the water for at least 24 hours after the water addition.

The measurements in accordance with the standard EN12580 can be performed on the re-wetted product.

Its wet bulk density shall be determined.

A sample of the re-wetted material shall be used to determine the water content.

At this point, the initial weight of the package, as dry material, not re-wetted, shall be corrected on the basis of the water content obtained.

The commercial volume shall be derived from the ratio of the corrected weight of the package and the wet bulk density.