Horticulture substrates

Custom made mixtures for pot cultivation and soilless cultivation


Horticulture substrates comprise a production factor of undeniable importance. For the most part they are purchased, less frequently self-produced, and serve as an anchor for the root system, as well as creating the right premises for healthy, lush growth. Economically speaking, they have a relatively low cost, and rarely does the cost of purchasing a substrate reach 10% of the total costs of production. Nonetheless, making the right choice and compositional quality are all-important factors because the likelihood of success of the cultivation depends on these in positive proportions.


Our in-depth knowledge of raw materials and peat mosses in particular has allowed us over the years to create and produce combinations that suit the needs of production sectors perfectly. We offer two product lines of German and Baltic origins. Our substrates are produced in factories equipped with the finest mixing technologies, able to ensure full compliance with compositional specifications and temporal constancy of production. For composition, we demand that the finest co-formulants be used so as to exalt agronomic yields and facilitate usage in horticulture. Wetting agents have been added to our products which prevent peat moss hydrophobia and are enriched with a basic fertilizer that serves to support the cultivation during the first phases of growth. Nonetheless, they can be personalized upon request, according to the specific cultivation needs, by adding inert materials (perlite), bentonite clay, or by varying the doses of fertilization or liming. Substrates of each granulometric structure are present in our product, indicated for all container dimensions and for all type of irrigation systems.


All our substrates undergo severe agronomic testing before being put on the market.



Professional German horticulture substrates

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