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Sun Fiber

Wood fiber for growing media

SUN FIBER® is a revolutionary wood fiber, completely natural, with top agronomic properties. The product is able to replace sphagnum peat in the preparation of all types of cultivation substrates. It takes full advantage of the idea of ​​sustainability and is suitable for use in organic farming.

SUN FIBER®, thank to its producer, has the German quality mark RAL, which offers the hobbyist or professional customer the highest quality safety. It has maximum structural stability and unequaled draining properties, for optimal root health.
The nitrogen supply is extremely balanced and the addition of mineral fertilizers is not requiredthermore, compared to conventionally used materials, it reduces bad odors and the use of labor. The product is easy to spread and allows for even layers to be created very quickly. The litter is also easier to maintain. Solid excrement remains well separated and is easily removed.


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