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In the substrate market or Growing Media as it has been newly defined, there has been in recent years a tendency of using 100% white peat in blocks and/or milled, or mixtures of both; the majority of growers in the vegetable, flower and nursery crops market uses this type of peat exclusively, no longer considering the classic German black type necessary, supplementing it eventually with minerals such as clay, pumice, perlite, etc., or coconut fiber/pith. (All products available through Nuova Flesan).

However, there are users (horticulture) or specific cultivations (cyclamens) which require a component of dark peat in the substrate. In addition to German products containing classic black peat in percentage, years ago Nuova Flesan opted to create/identify 2 product sources for a complete and functional range of substrates:
1) Growing medium 100% white peat in all the necessary fractions and needs;
2) Growing medium 50% Baltic black peat + 50% white peat RHP in blocks.


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