Nuova Flesan srl

NUOVA FLESAN srl was founded in 1986 as an importer and distributor of peat and substrates from North / East Europe. In the early years, the target market is mainly Italian, in which NF provides raw materials to the largest producers of substrates, both hobby and professional, and delivers it directly to plant producers and local retailers as Agricultural Associations.

Subsequently, thanks to the participation in many international and national exibitions, NF also begins to distribute its products within EU countries and, and in extra EU countries.

As time went on, the range of products increased significantly, including also pelled and rounded impregnated for agricultural purpose (in the orchards for example) and pellets for heating, the both of them coming from North-estearn Europe.

Soon NF devlops a logistic structure, which quick and precise deliveries, thanks to its direct contact with shipping companies, hauliers and railway trasporters, both foreign and Italian.

Since the early 2000s, in addition to all the previously imported products, NF starts to deal with coir import from Asia, as a fertilizer and as a bedding for cattle, sheep, poultry and horses.

In recent years the range of products widens even further, adding other coir products, such as Grow Bags, gerbera disks, open tops and, recently, the Neem.

Since it’s foundation, NF evolves and becomes a careful selector of raw materials for pot and soilles cultivation and a creator of growing media and mixtures . We overseeevery phanse of the supplychain, by frequent inspections on production sites, to ensure constant quality and imultaneusly we are constanly searching for new sites, which can guarantee the same quality level and raw materials in season with low availability.

Since 2007 NF is a member dell'Aipsa, the Italian Association of Growing Media producers, which promotes the use of quality-controlled growing media and soil improvers , and which involves the most important italian companies operating in the substrates/peat moss sector. NF adheres to AIPSA Protocol, a document drawn up in 2009, which includes guidelines for the production and marketing of the substrates, according to the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture.


Italian Associaction of Growing media and soil improvers' producers